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FAZAL DIN'S GROUP is a group of family owned concerns with a joint turnover of over 25 million USD, with approximately 1200 Employees. The activities of the Group are entirely in the Healthcare field covering a Chain of Pharmacies, Marketing of Healthcare Devices, Electro-medical Equipment, Manufacturing of IV Solution & Pharmaceutical Preparations and joint venture participation in the production of Pharmaceutical Preparations. A brief description of the main members of our group is on the following pages

In 1860, Sheikh Noor Elahi who came from an agrarian background in Gurdaspur established a general store in Dalhousie which was a hill station on the border of Kashmir and Punjab in undivided India and was especially popular with the Muslims of India. This store catered for the gentry which came from all over India who spend the summer season there. In 1890 Sheikh Fazal Din was born and was destined to take over the business at very young age. By 1915 Sheikh Fazal Din had expanded the business to include several bungalows which he would rent out to various families during the summer season. In addition he was also the guardian of almost all the bungalows owned by the Muslim families and took good care of them during the winter months and whenever the families came to Dalhousie they would find there houses in perfect order. The name of the company was formulized as Sheikh Noor Elahi Fazal Din and this name became known for its service and reliability. In 1918 Sheikh Fazal Din was blessed with a son who was named Mumtaz and by the 1940's he had established a branch office in Lahore and Sheikh Noor Elahi Fazal Din became a major supplier to the British Army. In the 1940's after the Pakistan Resolution was passed, Sheikh Fazal Din became an active worker of the Pakistan movement. While Sheikh Fazal Din was actively fighting for the Pakistan cause in Dalhousie. Gurdaspur and its environs, Mumtaz was active in Lahore and Delhi.

In 1947, when it was largely expected that Gurdaspur and Dalhousie would form a part of Pakistan and the flag of Pakistan was hoisted allover Dalhousie and Gurdaspur, it came as a rude shock when the rad cliff award subsequently awarded these areas to India.

The family was thus forced to migrate from Dalhousie to Lahore in 1947. The entire business and property was lost and a fresh start had to be made in Pakistan. The first venture was a retail pharmacy located on the Mall which was started by Mumtaz A. Sheikh. This pharmacy is still located in the same place even today. This was the start to the Fazal Din's Group as it exists today. The name was changed to Fazal Din's & Sons from Sheikh Noor Elahi Fazal Din in 1948 and today the company is 137 years old. Today the group is known for its commitments to excellence in the healthcare field and represents the most prestigious names in the world of healthcare. In a world of counterfeit and spurious drugs, the name Fazal Din's stand out for its commitment to quality and reliability as we take innumerable steps to ensure the genuineness of the medicine that is sold through any of the Fazal Din's stores.

Fazal Din's Group over the years

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Fazal Din & Sons is establish as a retail pharmacy on the Mall in Lahore. Starting with only five sales men, today it is one of largest retail pharmacies in the country. Today Fazal Din & Sons employs more than 500 persons and are importers retailers, supplier to government and private hospitals and distributors.

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Lahore Chemical and Pharmaceutical works is established on the canal bank in Lahore and starts production the same year. It enters into technical collaboration with Howards of Ilford and Stafford Allen & Sons to manufacture their specialties.

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A brand new factory is established on Ferozpur Road with the help of Foreign Consultants. By 1965 the total production of Lahore Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works in Shifted to this factory. Over the years it enters into technical collaboration with Schering, Vifor, Zyma, Mead Johnson, Bristol Myers, Wampoles, Stiefel, Winthrop, Sterling Drug, Helene Curtis and Elizabeth Arden. It becomes the first plant to manufacture infusions in Pakistan in 1970.

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Another new company namely Medequips in born as a result of collaboration between Toshiba and the Fazal Din's Group. This company is now one of the largest suppliers of electro medical equipment in Pakistan and is known for its customer service and support.

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Medipharm Ltd. is born and is a result of joint venture between the Fazal Din's Group and Schering AG, Berlin. This is a manufacturing unit located Lahore.

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Lahore Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works (Pvt.) Ltd. expands further when a state of the art plant is established in Lahore adjacent to the Medipharm plant to manufacturer infusions exclusively. This is the largest plant of its kind in Pakistan.

The Group has offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar and has an annual turnover of more than Rs. 1 Billion and employs more than 1200 persons. The head office of the group is located in Lahore. Today the Group is being run by the third, forth and fifth generation of Fazal Din's.

Fazal Din's Group contact details are as follows:

Head Office - Lahore   Karachi Office   Rawalpindi Office  

53, Shahrah-e-Quaid-Azam
P.O. Box # 344,
Lahore -Pakistan.
Phone: +92-42-7231762-64
Fax: +92-42-7231770
Telex: 44749 LCPW pk

9/12 Rimpa Plaza
M.A. Jinnah Road,
Karachi -Pakistan.
Phone: +92-21-772819
Fax: +92-21-7729351

10, Shalimar Plaza
Aziz Bhatti Road,
Rawalpindi -Pakistan.
Phone: +92-51-566572